PEX Plumbing: Best Choice for Water Piping

PEX material is being used for manufacturing pipes and fittings for plumbing for the last three decades. Over the time, with experience and testing, PEX is proved to be the best type of material for plumbing and piping. The reason to declare it best is the number of properties it possess. PEX pipes and fittings have replaced copper by almost 60% in the past few years, and this number is increasing rapidly. Switching to PEX is considered to be the best choice for people worldwide.

There are number of benefits you can get by using PEX pipes in your home. One of the biggest benefit is that PEX is very easy to install. It comes in form of long coils just like electric wires and you just have to cut it and use it. No joints, blow torching, no soldering and no sweating required to install PEX pipes. They are flexible which makes then easily bendable around obstacles. PEX is also resistant to extreme low temperature and extreme high temperature which makes it ideal to be used for water pipes. In fact, it has replaced conventional metal pipes and now majority of people use PEX pipes.

PEX pipes can be installed using variety of fittings available in the market. PEX fittings are normally made of brass but some companies also manufacture bronze, copper and plastic fittings. PEX valves are used for the water pipes to regulate the flow. PEX valves can be easily installed and are very reliable as compared to other types of valves. The PEX valves available in the market include PEX ball valves and PEX stop valves, which are used for stopping the water flow. PEX valves last longer than other types of materials because they are free from leaking and do not develop pinholes.

The major benefit of installing PEX plumbing is the decreased cost. PEX installation is cheaper as compared to other types of metals because PEX does not need cutting, welding, soldering or sweating. PEX pipes can be easily bent around obstacles at 90° angle, unlike copper and other metal pipes. They do not need to be torched to make the connections. You just need a pipe cutter and few fittings to complete the installation. PEX also saves energy cost due to its heat resisting quality.

PEX pipes and fittings are available in different sizes and varieties in the market. You can easily get PEX pipes from the local hardware stores. PEX costs less than the copper and other metal pipes, due to very cheap installation. If you are using a conventional metal plumbing system, then you can still integrate PEX pipes without fully replacing your system. Always buy PEX pipes and fittings from a trusted manufacturer to avoid any trouble. Good quality PEX pipes are slightly pricier than the copper pipes. But you can save a lot more in installation cost as you can install it yourself if you have a little bit of experience.