Popular Cooling for Big Concert Venues

In this modern age of music, one of the most enjoyable yet most labor intensive versions of the traditional live show is the large scale music festival. Modern day festivals tend to sport unifying features such as star-studded lineups, massive crowds and awe-inspiring outdoor lighting displays. Such a large scale spectacle, of course, is not without its risks and inherent dangers. Due to the size of these events, most festivals must take place outdoors, leaving concert-goers at the mercy of the elements. Summer festivals can be absolutely grueling in terms of heat. With that in mind, any promoter must keep a short list of outdoor cooling options in mind, including but not limited to:


A line of portable misters near the front of the audience arena tends to be the first line of defense against heat stroke and other outdoor ailments, says MovinCool.com. The front row can be a dangerous place for heat-fatigued attendees, making a cool front of the house absolutely imperative.


Once a festival-goer escapes the heat trap of the pit, they must trudge across the campgrounds to refreshment tents and the like. Employing specialized misting tents offers customers a second reprieve from the heat, in addition to a cold drink.


A fog machine doesn’t just spruce up the visual aesthetics of a concert. The seemingly minute amount of moisture provided by fog can also be the deciding factor between continued partying and heat stroke.