3 Signs of a Water Leak That Every Homeowner Should Know

In Austin, the Texas summer heat and sudden freezing temperatures during the winter can lead to water leaks. Unfortunately, many water leaks are not detected until they have begun to cause extensive structural damage, in addition to increased costs for utilities. Fortunately, most plumbing problems can be caught early by looking for these warning signs of a developing issue.

Listen For Strange Noises From Fixtures

A dripping faucet is usually so obnoxious that people notice it immediately. However, you may not immediately notice other noises such as a low hiss or gurgle from your toilet. Running fixtures always add up to higher water costs, and these are usually an easy fix when you call Austin plumbers who know how to repair the innards of toilets, along with gaskets on your faucet. Keep in mind that trying to do these repairs yourself can sometimes lead to even bigger issues if you are not experienced in working on plumbing.

Watch For An Unexplained High Utility Bill

This is one of the most confusing signs of plumbing problems, and it requires taking prompt action to prevent another disturbingly high bill. When your water bill suddenly springs through the roof, you will first want to consider whether you have done anything new recently to increase your usage, such as hosting a house guest. If not, then a professional inspection by Austin plumbers is the next step to identify the source of your leak so that it can quickly be repaired.

Check Your Yard For Unusual Changes

People often look inside their house for plumbing problems. However, water leaks can also spring up in the space between your main line and your home. When this happens, you may be able to find signs of excess water in your lawn. For example, a soggy spot that always remains may indicate that you have a leak located underground. You may also notice that grass appears greener in this area or new plants have begun to grow in an otherwise dormant lawn. Finding the source of an underground leak requires the assistance of an expert plumber who is familiar with the layout of residential pipes in Austin.

While discovering an issue with your plumbing is always upsetting, especially when it is combined with a high utility bill, it helps to know that most issues are easily resolved when they are caught early. At the first sign of a plumbing problem, call an Austin plumber who can help you locate and repair the leak. Once the repair is complete, follow up by asking for additional tips that will help you prevent future problems, such as properly preparing your pipes for winter.