Refurbishing an RV

When you are refurbishing a recreational vehicle, or RV, you want to make sure you’re putting money into upgrading the things that will add the most value to the vehicle says The Foam Factory.

One of the first things many potential buyers of RVs see when they enter the RV is the actual living space. You want to make it look as clean and cozy as possible. Many RVs have old, dingy carpet and sofas. Although you may choose to replace the old carpet with new carpet, some people are opting to install vinyl plank flooring in their RVs. Replacing worn-out carpeting with vinyl is something that should add value to your RV. In the same token, many of the sofas located in RVs are quite used and have run their course. Replacing an old sofa with a newer, cleaner one should also add value.

In the kitchen, you should consider adding a microwave if there’s room. Many older RVs only include stoves, but a lot of potential purchasers would like the convenience of having a microwave. Also, something as simple as updating the backsplash with some stick-on vinyl backsplash tiles can add a lot of value to your project for not a lot of money.

People also want to make sure that the bedroom of the RV they look at is in good condition. Consider updating old mattresses with new mattresses, and incorporate new RV bedding to create a fresher look.