Why Embibe Online Platform Is Better Than Coaching Institutes

With rising competition to get into ones dream college, education and coaching classes have become expensive. While parents somehow manage to shell out the huge sum of money despite being not so economically sound, whether or not their kids are getting proper guidance is a serious question that one needs to address.

India is a country where ones employability is solely and directly related to which school and college one has attended, which in turn is related to ones scores in the entrance exam. This again depends upon the quality of education one gets. Parents, in hope for a better future for their children, do not hesitate to spend all they have for their children’s education. At the same time, in most of the cases, this doesn’t help much. Although there are quite a few good coaching classes, these are not sufficient to cater the huge demand.

In India, the teacher-student ratio is too low. This makes it impossible for the teachers to pay attention to each and every student in a class. On the other hand, the number of students aspiring to join the prestigious institutions across the country and secure their future has been increasing exponentially over the years. The traditional chalk-board classrooms these days are, thus, over-crowded and mainly dominated by the most brilliant students with teachers paying attention to them.

The average and not-so-bright students, who need most of the attention and guidance, remain invisible in the class despite having paid the same amount as their brilliant counterparts. Also the business-centric approach of these traditional coaching institutes makes it difficult for the students to ask their doubts, as the teachers need to finish off their portions within the given time.

Amidst all these, the average and not-so-bright students have to bear the brunt.

Under these circumstances, Embibe online platform has come for the rescue of the marginalized and neglected students. This edtech startup has come up with data-driven, statistical methods to provide personalized guidance to everyone. While traditional coaching classes barely get time to address an individual’s doubt, forget pin-pointing the key weaknesses of every individual, this online platform with its revolutionary technology keeps track of every moment and every movement of all those who have enrolled for their services – online course and Jee Advanced Answer Key, and helps every individual to find they are lacking in and lagging behind. It then provides suggestions on a variety of parameters so as to help the individual to improve.

Embibe provides personalized guidance not only for the academic improvement of the individual but also for the improvement of their other aspects, like behavioral attitudes and test-taking skills, time-management, etc.

Thus, Embibe online platform ensures every student getting what they deserve- personalized assistance and guidance, which in turn helps the students to improve overall and secure good marks (and hence a good seat).