Lloyd and Flanders: Your Next Choice for Patio Furniture

When you’re buying outdoor furniture, the first consideration is quality. Anything that stays outside in unpredictable weather has to be built to last. When you’re buying furniture online, however, it’s important to find a trustworthy brand. That’s why Wicker Paradise recommends Lloyd and Flanders furniture and cushions for your patio.

Once ordered, your furniture will be shipped to you in flat boxes for assembly, the wicker chair pieces and the outdoor chair cushions separate. Putting together your furniture is simple with the included screws and instructions. Be sure to securely tighten all the screws before applying any pressure, either sitting on chairs or setting anything on a table or ottoman.

With proper maintenance, your wicker furniture can last for generations of use. Cleaning is easy. A detergent and a brush or sponge is all you need, but it’s important to clean carefully. Pressure washing is much too harsh for the natural cellulose fibers. As for caring for the Lloyd Flanders cushions, simply mix detergent, warm water, and, for non-printed acrylic cushions, a small amount of chlorine bleach. There’s no need to remove the covers: just rinse away the cleaner with warm water and allow to air dry!

Caring for your furniture correctly is key to long-lasting use, but if you want to update your furniture, Lloyd and Flanders replacement cushions and covers are widely available. Your purchase is also under warranty for 1-3 years in case of any issues.